Our students’ health and wellbeing is of utmost importance. We strongly believe that what our children consume on a daily basis has a direct influence on their energy, vitality and behaviour, and therefore actively encourage and promote healthy lifestyles and eating habits.

As part of our offering at Reddford House, our school provides meals to all students on a daily basis.  Our  kitchens are operated by Red Cafe, which prepares these meals on site in our own kitchens.  The meals are served fresh and dished up to students in our various canteen areas, where they can sit and enjoy their lunch or snacks. 

Our School Menus are updated every term and made available to view via the Red Cafe app or our School app. These menus are monitored by dieticians and we cater for all types of dietary requirements.

Parents may also choose to purchase their child’s lunches online or direct with Red Cafe as well. Pre-ordered meals are freshly made and avilable to the students at break.

Red Cafe is readily available to discuss any concerns a parent may have regarding a child’s dietary requirements.