Heads Message


Our school boasts world-class educational facilities that enables academic, cultural and sporting excellence, further enhanced by our dynamic teachers, handpicked to inspire exceptional learning experiences.

Grant Ferreira, Executive Head

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As the Executive Head of Campus, it is an honour to welcome you to Reddford House The Hills, an established Inspired school based in Pretoria East.

At Reddford House The Hills, we treasure the concept of building a solid connection between the school environment and the home as providing your child with the best education possible is as important to us as it is to you. Therefore, we strive to provide our students with every opportunity imaginable.

Students becoming academically successful, resilient and determined to achieve excellence when pursuing their passions and dreams, is our top priority. Along with this, we encourage each and every student to leave Reddford House The Hills as well-rounded young leaders who care about those around them and show compassion to others.

Our academic staff pride themselves on being passionate, friendly and pro-active in ensuring no student is ever left behind. Their experience and high qualifications enable them to provide our students with valuable knowledge. Apart from encouraging academic excellence, our teachers emulate our school’s ethos and vision by nurturing each student’s natural talents and abilities, allowing them to flourish in all aspects of life. Adapting to change is no challenge for our students or staff. We recognise the necessity of adapting to an ever-changing world and instilling values that allow our students to comfortably fit into any given situation.

Along with encouraging success in our academic programme, we also offer a wide range of cultural and sports activities that allow students to pursue personal interests throughout their time at Reddford House The Hills.

As a school leader, and a parent myself, I understand the importance of selecting the most suitable school for your child. That is why we encourage parents to immerse themselves in the school community, ask questions and be involved in the education of their child.

We invite you to book a personal tour of our school and we look forward to welcoming you to the Reddford House The Hills family.